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The Triglav national park is the perfect place to reconnect and share an experience with friends, family, and loved ones. For spending a holiday together as a family, Julian Alps is the ideal destination. Book Now

The visitor will be fascinated by the silence and the beautiful and still intact nature, slight blowing of almost constant wind, the murmur of the Alpine rivers of Radovna and the elevated Kotarica river which descends through the rocky slabs into the beautiful waterfalls in the Kot valley and soon after mysteriously disappears into the gravelly karst soil.

The bird singing is a daily music, occasionally interrupted only by the distant voices of chainsaw, ax and tailhook blows, crackling trees falling, announcing that the forestry has been a cradle for a long time now. The cows and the horses are grazing across the whole valley and its pastures and there is nothing unusual to see them also during the wintertime in the pastures covered by snow; since this reflects the attitude of the local people toward organic agriculture.

Benefits for visiting the Zgornja Radovna:

  • Untouched and unspoiled nature
  • Friendly residents
  • Visit and spend some time in the middle of Triglav national park
  • The easiest approaches to Mt. Triglav – 2864 m
  • Taste traditional Slovenian dishes
  • Quite simply rest from the stress of everyday life